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Gas Turbine Combustion Technologies for Hydrogen Blends


The article reviews gas turbine combustion technologies focusing on their current ability to operate with hydrogen enriched natural gas up to 100% H2. The aim is to provide a picture of the most promising fuel-flexible and clean combustion technologies, the object of current research and development. The use of hydrogen in the gas turbine power generation sector is initially motivated, highlighting both its decarbonisation and electric grid stability objectives; moreover, the state-of-the-art of hydrogen-blend gas turbines and their 2024 and 2030 targets are reported in terms of some key performance indicators. Then, the changes in combustion characteristics due to the hydrogen enrichment of natural gas blends are briefly described, from their enhanced reactivity to their pollutant emissions. Finally, gas turbine combustion strategies, both already commercially available (mostly based on aerodynamic flame stabilisation, self-ignition, and staging) or still under development (like the micro-mixing and the exhaust gas recirculation concepts), are described.

Funding source: This review study was performed within the Italian project “Tecnologie dell’Idrogeno” (“Hydrogen Technologies”), funded by the Italian Ministry of Environment and Energy Security (MiTE): Program Agreement MiTE-ENEA on Electric System Research, PTR22-24, Research Topic 1.3, WP3, LA3.6.
Related subjects: Hydrogen Blending
Countries: Italy

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