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Hydrogen Storage as a Key Energy Vector for Car Transportation: A Tutorial Review


Hydrogen storage is a key enabling technology for the extensive use of hydrogen as energy carrier. This is particularly true in the widespread introduction of hydrogen in car transportation. Indeed, one of the greatest technological barriers for such development is an efficient and safe storage method. So, in this tutorial review the existing hydrogen storage technologies are described with a special emphasis on hydrogen storage in hydrogen cars: the current and the ongoing solutions. A particular focus is given on solid storage and some of the recent advances on plasma hydrogen ion implantation, which should allow not only the preparation of metal hydrides, but also the imagination of a new refluing circuit. From hydrogen discovery to its use as an energy vector in cars, this review wants to be as exhaustive as possible, introducing the basics of hydrogen storage, and discussing the experimental practicalities of car hydrogen fuel. It wants to serve as a guide for anyone wanting to undertake such a technology and to equip the reader with an advanced knowledge on hydrogen storage and hydrogen storage in hydrogen cars to stimulate further researches and yet more innovative applications for this highly interesting field.

Related subjects: Applications & Pathways
Countries: France

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