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Design and Implementation of the Safety System of a Solar-driven Smart Micro-grid Comprising Hydrogen Production for Electricity & Cooling Co-generation


This article presents a comprehensive description of the safety system of a real installation that comprises PV panels, lithium-ion batteries, an electrolyzer, H2 storage, a fuel cell, and a barium chloride/ammonia thermochemical prototype for heat recovery and cooling production. Such a system allows for the increase of the overall efficiency of the H2 chain by exploiting the waste heat and transforming it into a cooling effect, particularly useful in tropical regions like French Polynesia. The study provides a great deal of detail regarding practical aspects of the system implementation and a consistent reference to the relevant standards and regulations applicable to the subject matter. More specifically, the study covers the ATEX classification of the site, the safety features of each component, the electrical power distribution, the main safety instrumented system, fire safety and the force ventilation system. The study also includes safety assessment and a section on lessons learned that could serve as guidance for future installations. In addition, an extensive amount of technical data is readily available to the reader in repository (P&ID, electrical diagrams, etc.).

Funding source: This study was founded by the French National Research Agency (ANR) under project identifier ‘ANR-18-CE05-0043’. The author wishes to acknowledge the partners of RECIF project: H2SYS (fuel cell integrator, France), FCLAB (Fuel cell laboratory, CNRS, Franche-Comt´e University, France) and PROMES laboratory (CNRS, France). Special thanks to Pascal Ortega (GEPASUD laboratory, University of French Polynesia) and Fabien Harel (fuel cell research engineer, H2SYS scientific advisor).
Related subjects: Applications & Pathways
Countries: French Polynesia

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