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Real-Time Energy Management Strategy of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Hybrid Electric Vehicles Based on Power Following Strategy–Fuzzy Logic Control Strategy Hybrid Control


Fuel cell hybrid electric vehicles have the advantages of zero emission, high efficiency and fast refuelling, etc. and are one of the key directions for vehicle development. The energy management problem of fuel cell hybrid electric vehicles is the key technology for power distribution. The traditional power following strategy has the advantage of a real-time operation, but the power correction is usually based only on the state of charge of a lithium battery, which causes the operating point of the fuel cell to be in the region of a low efficiency. To solve this problem, this paper proposes a hybrid power-following-fuzzy control strategy, where a fuzzy logic control strategy is used to optimise the correction module based on the power following strategy, which regulates the state of charge while correcting the output power of the fuel cell towards the efficient operating point. The results of the joint simulation with Matlab + Advisor under the Globally Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Cycle Conditions show that the proposed strategy still ensures the advantages of real-time energy management, and for the hydrogen fuel cell, the hydrogen consumption is reduced by 13.5% and 4.1% compared with the power following strategy and the fuzzy logic control strategy, and the average output power variability is reduced by 14.6% and 5.1%, respectively, which is important for improving the economy of the whole vehicle and prolonging the lifetime of fuel cell.

Funding source: This research was funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, grant number 62263001; the Natural Science Foundation of Guangxi, grant number 2020GXNSFDA238011; Open Fund Project of Guangxi Key Laboratory of Automation Detection Technology and Instrument, grant number YQ21203; and Open Fund Project of Key Laboratory of AI and Information Processing (Hechi University) of Education Department of Guangxi, grant number 2022GXZDSY002.
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