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Research on Hydrogen Production System Technology Based on Photovoltaic-Photothermal Coupling Electrolyzer


Solar hydrogen production technology is a key technology for building a clean, low-carbon, safe, and efficient energy system. At present, the intermittency and volatility of renewable energy have caused a lot of “wind and light.” By combining renewable energy with electrolytic water technology to produce high-purity hydrogen and oxygen, which can be converted into electricity, the utilization rate of renewable energy can be effectively improved, while helping to improve the solar hydrogen production system. This paper summarizes and analyzes the research status and development direction of solar hydrogen production technology from three aspects. Energy supply mode: the role of solar PV systems and PT systems in this technology is analyzed. System control: the key technology and system structure of different types of electrolytic cells are introduced in detail. System economy: the economy and improvement measures of electrolytic cells are analyzed from the perspectives of cost, consumption, efficiency, and durability. Finally, the development prospects of solar hydrogen production systems in China are summarized and anticipated. This article reviews the current research status of photovoltaic-photothermal coupled electrolysis cell systems, fills the current research gap, and provides theoretical reference for the further development of solar hydrogen production systems.

Funding source: This research, sponsored by the Science and Technology Department of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of China with project number 2020CG0066, focused on “Key technologies for solar energy application in ecological restoration and modern agriculture in deserts and saline-alkali lands”.
Related subjects: Production & Supply Chain

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