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Research on Multi-market Strategies for Virtual Power Plants with Hydrogen Energy Storage


As the main body of resource aggregation, Virtual Power Plant (VPP) not only needs to participate in the external energy market but also needs to optimize the management of internal resources. Different from other energy storage, hydrogen energy storage systems can participate in the hydrogen market in addition to assuming the backup supplementary function of electric energy. For the Virtual Power Plant Operator (VPPO), it needs to optimize the scheduling of internal resources and formulate bidding strategies for the electric-hydrogen market based on external market information. In this study, a two-stage model is constructed considering the internal and external interaction mechanism. The first stage model optimizes the operation of renewable energy, flexible load, extraction storage, and hydrogen energy storage system based on the complementary characteristics of internal resources; the second stage model optimizes the bidding strategy to maximize the total revenue of the electricity energy market, auxiliary service market and hydrogen market. Finally, a typical scenario is constructed and the rationality and effectiveness of the strategy are verified. The results show that the hybrid VPP with hydrogen storage has better economic benefits, resource benefits and reliability.


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