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A Review of the Research Progress and Application of Key Components in the Hydrogen Fuel Cell System


The hydrogen cycle system, one of the main systems used for hydrogen fuel cells, has many advantages. It can improve the efficiency, the water capacity, and the management of thermal fuel cells. It can also enhance the safety of the system. Therefore, it is widely used in hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. We introduce the structure and principles of hydrogen cycle pumps, ejectors, and steam separators and analyze and summarize the advantages of the components, as well as reviewing the latest research progress and industrialization status of hydrogen cycle pumps and ejectors. The technical challenges in hydrogen circulation systems and the development direction of key technologies in the future are discussed. This paper aims to provide a reference for research concerning hydrogen energy storage application technology in hydrogen fuel cell systems.

Funding source: This research was funded by the “Hundred Outstanding Talents” Support Program of Jining University, a provincial-level key project in the field of natural sciences, grant number 2023ZYRC23 and Ludong University (20220035).
Related subjects: Applications & Pathways

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