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Small-Scale High-Pressure Hydrogen Storage Vessels: A Review


Nowadays, high-pressure hydrogen storage is the most commercially used technology owing to its high hydrogen purity, rapid charging/discharging of hydrogen, and low-cost manufacturing. Despite numerous reviews on hydrogen storage technologies, there is a relative scarcity of comprehensive examinations specifically focused on high-pressure gaseous hydrogen storage and its associated materials. This article systematically presents the manufacturing processes and materials used for a variety of high-pressure hydrogen storage containers, including metal cylinders, carbon fiber composite cylinders, and emerging glass material-based hydrogen storage containers. Furthermore, it introduces the relevant principles and theoretical studies, showcasing their advantages and disadvantages compared to conventional high-pressure hydrogen storage containers. Finally, this article provides an outlook on the future development of high-pressure hydrogen storage containers.

Funding source: This work was funded by the Special Fund Project of Carbon Peaking Carbon Neutrality Science and Technology Innovation of Jiangsu Province (BE2022011), the Carbon Peaking Carbon Neutrality Science and Technology Innovation of Nanjing City (202211016), the National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 52172249), the Funding of Nanjing Institute of Future Energy System (KCW-12), the Chinese Academy of Sciences Talents Program (E2290701) and the Funding of Innovation Academy for Light-duty Gas Turbine, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CXYJJ21-ZD-02).

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