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Economic Evaluation of an Ammonia-Fueled Ammonia Carrier Depending on Methods of Ammonia Fuel Storage


This study proposed two concepts for ammonia fuel storage for an ammonia-fueled ammonia carrier and evaluated these concepts in terms of economics. The first concept was to use ammonia in the cargo tank as fuel and the second concept was to install an additional independent fuel tank in the vessel. When more fuel tanks were installed, there was no cargo loss. However, there were extra costs for fuel tanks. The target ship was an 84,000 m3 ammonia carrier (very large gas carrier, VLGC). It traveled from Kuwait to South Korea. The capacity of fuel tanks was 4170 m3 , which is the required amount for the round trip. This study conducted an economic evaluation to compare the two proposed concepts. Profits were estimated based on sales and life cycle cost (LCC). Results showed that sales were USD 1223 million for the first concept and USD 1287 million for the second concept. Profits for the first and second concepts were USD 684.3 million and USD 739.5 million, respectively. The second concept showed a USD 53.1 million higher profit than the first concept. This means that the second concept, which installed additional independent fuel tanks was better than the first concept in terms of economics. Sensitivity analysis was performed to investigate the influence of given parameters on the results. When the ammonia fuel price was changed by ±25%, there was a 15% change in the profits and if the ammonia (transport) fee was changed by ±25%, there was a 45% change in the profits. The ammonia fuel price and ammonia (cargo) transport fee had a substantial influence on the business of ammonia carriers.

Funding source: This research was supported by a grant from the Endowment Project of “Development of Evaluation Model for Hydrogen Offshore Supply Chain and Test Technologies for Hydrogen Equipment (PES3950)” funded by the Korea Research Institute of Ships and Ocean Engineering.
Related subjects: Applications & Pathways
Countries: Korea, Republic of

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