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Overview of the Method and State of Hydrogenization of Road Transport in the World and the Resulting Development Prospects in Poland


National Implementation Plans (NIP) in regard hydrogenation motor transport are in place in European Union (EU) countries, e.g.Germany, France or Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands. Motor transport hydrogenization plans exist in the Japan and USA. In Poland the methodology deployment Hydrogen Refuelling Stations (HRS) developed in Motor Transport Institute is of multi-stage character are as follows: Stage I: Method allowing to identify regions in which HRS should be located. Stage II: Method allowing to identify urban centres, in which should be located the said stations. Stage III: Method for determining the area of the station location. The presentation of the aforesaid NIPS and based on that and the mentioned methodology the conditions for hydrogenization of motor transport in Poland is the purpose of this article, which constitutes its novelty. The scope of the article concerns the hydrogenization of motor transport in the abovementioned countries. With the above criteria, the order the construction in Poland of a HRS, in the order of their creation, along the TEN-T corridors is as follows: 1 - Poznan 2 - Warsaw, 3 - Bialystok, 4 - Szczecin, 5 - the Lodz region, 6 - the Tri-City region, 7 - Wrocław, 8 - the Katowice region, 9 – Krakow. The concluding discussion sets out the status of deployment HRS and FCEVs in the analysed countries.

Related subjects: Applications & Pathways
Countries: Poland

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