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Exploring Hydrogen-Enriched Fuels and the Promise of HCNG in Industrial Dual-Fuel Engines


This paper presents a theoretical analysis of the selected properties of HCNG fuel calculations and a literature review of the other fuels that allow the storage of ecologically produced hydrogen. Hydrogen has the most significant CO2 reduction potential of all known fuels. However, its transmission in pure form is still problematic, and its use as a component of fuels modified by it has now become an issue of interest for researchers. Many types of hydrogen-enriched fuels have been invented. However, this article will describe the reasons why HCNG may be the hydrogen-enriched fuel of the future and why internal combustion (IC) piston engines working on two types of fuel could be the future method of using it. CO2 emissions are currently a serious problem in protecting the Earth’s natural climate. However, secondarily, power grid stabilization with a large share of electricity production from renewable energy sources must be stabilized with very flexible sources—as flexible as multi-fuel IC engines. Their use is becoming an essential element of the electricity power systems of Western countries, and there is a chance to use fuels with zero or close to zero CO2 emissions, like e-fuels and HCNG. Dual-fuel engines have become an effective way of using these types of fuels efficiently; therefore, in this article, the parameters of hydrogen-enriched fuel selected in terms of relevance to the use of IC engines are considered. Inaccuracies found in the literature analysis are discussed, and the essential properties of HCNG and its advantages over other hydrogen-rich fuels are summarized in terms of its use in dual-fuel (DF) IC engines.

Funding source: This work was financed by the Military University of Technology under research project UGB 711/2024.
Related subjects: Applications & Pathways
Countries: Poland

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