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Collaborative Optimization Scheduling of Multi-Microgrids Incorporating Hydrogen-Doped Natural Gas and P2G–CCS Coupling under Carbon Trading and Carbon Emission Constraints


In the context of “dual carbon”, restrictions on carbon emissions have aĴracted widespread aĴention from researchers. In order to solve the issue of the insufficient exploration of the synergistic emission reduction effects of various low-carbon policies and technologies applied to multiple microgrids, we propose a multi-microgrid electricity cooperation optimization scheduling strategy based on stepped carbon trading, a hydrogen-doped natural gas system and P2G–CCS coupled operation. Firstly, a multi-energy microgrid model is developed, coupled with hydrogendoped natural gas system and P2G–CCS, and then carbon trading and a carbon emission restriction mechanism are introduced. Based on this, a model for multi-microgrid electricity cooperation is established. Secondly, design optimization strategies for solving the model are divided into the dayahead stage and the intraday stage. In the day-ahead stage, an improved alternating direction multiplier method is used to distribute the model to minimize the cooperative costs of multiple microgrids. In the intraday stage, based on the day-ahead scheduling results, an intraday scheduling model is established and a rolling optimization strategy to adjust the output of microgrid equipment and energy purchases is adopted, which reduces the impact of uncertainties in new energy output and load forecasting and improves the economic and low-carbon operation of multiple microgrids. SeĴing up different scenarios for experimental validation demonstrates the effectiveness of the introduced low-carbon policies and technologies as well as the effectiveness of their synergistic interaction

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