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Simulation and Analysis of Hybrid Hydrogen-battery Renewable Energy Storage for Off-electric-grid Dutch Household System


The intermittency of renewable energy technologies requires adequate storage technologies. Hydrogen systems consisting of electrolysers, storage tanks, and fuel cells can be implemented as well as batteries. The requirements of the hydrogen purification unit is missing from literature. We measured the same for a 4.5 kW PEM electrolyser to be 0.8 kW for 10 min. A simulation to hybridize the hydrogen system, including its purification unit, with lithium-ion batteries for energy storage is presented; the batteries also support the electrolyser. We simulated a scenario for operating a Dutch household off-electric-grid using solar and wind electricity to find the capacities and costs of the components of the system. Although the energy use of the purification unit is small, it influences the operation of the system, affecting the sizing of the components. The battery as a fast response efficient secondary storage system increases the ability of the electrolyser to start up.

Funding source: The experimental setup used for this research was co-financed by a subsidy from the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, National regulations EZ-subsidies, Top Sector Energy executed by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO).
Related subjects: Applications & Pathways
Countries: Netherlands

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