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The Economic Competitiveness of Hydrogen Fuel Cell-Powered Trucks: A Review of Total Cost of Ownership Estimates


This paper investigates the economic competitiveness of hydrogen-powered trucks. It reviews the growing number of papers that provide an estimate of the total cost of ownership (TCO) of hydrogen-powered trucks relative to their diesel equivalents. It examines the methodology applied, the variables considered, the data used for estimation, and the results obtained. All reviewed studies conclude that hydrogen-powered trucks are not currently cost-competitive, while they might become competitive after 2030. The conclusion holds across truck types and sizes, hydrogen pathways, mission profiles, and countries. However, we find that there is still a huge area of uncertainty regarding the purchase price of hydrogen-powered trucks and the cost of hydrogen, which hampers the reliability of the results obtained. Various areas of methodological improvements are suggested.

Related subjects: Applications & Pathways
Countries: Italy

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