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Evaluation of Stability and Catalytic Activity of Ni Catalysts for Hydrogen Production by Biomass Gasification in Supercritical Water


Supercritical water gasification is a promising technology for wet biomass utilization. In this paper, Ni and other metal catalysts were synthesized by wet impregnation. The stability and catalytic activities of Ni catalysts were evaluated. Firstly, catalytic activities of Ni, Fe, Cu catalysts supported on MgO were tested using wheat straw as raw material in a batch reactor at 723 K and water density of 0.07 cm3/g. Experimental results showed that the order of metal catalyst activity for hydrogen generation was Ni/MgO > Fe/MgO > Cu/MgO. Secondly, the influence of different supports on Ni catalysts performance was investigated. The results showed that the order of the Ni catalysts’ activity with different supports was Ni/MgO > Ni/ZnO > Ni/Al2O3 > Ni/ZrO2. Finally, the effects of Ni loading and the amount of Ni catalyst addition on hydrogen production, and the stability of Ni/MgO catalyst were studied. It was found that serious deactivation of Ni catalyst in the process of supercritical water gasification took place. Even if carbon deposited on the catalyst surface was removed by high temperature calcination and the catalyst was reduced with hydrogen, the activity of used catalyst was only partially restored.

Related subjects: Production & Supply Chain

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