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Everything About Hydrogen Podcast: High-temperature Fuel Cells at High Altitudes


HyPoint, led by its CEO and co-founder, Alex Ivanenko, is at the cutting edge of the industry's efforts to find zero-emissions aircraft propulsion systems that do not sacrifice speed and power in the name of sustainability. HyPoint is a leading producer of high-temperature PEM fuel cells for aviation applications including for logistic drones, air taxis, electric vertical takeoff and landing vehicles (eVTOLs), and fixed-wing airplanes. On this episode of the EAH podcast, the team speaks with Alex about the incredible pace of development and rapid innovation that he and his colleagues are driving in the hydrogen aviation space and how his company is leading the way in a highly complex and competitive race to decarbonize modern air travel.
The podcast can be found on their website

Related subjects: Applications & Pathways
Countries: United States

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