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Everything About Hydrogen Podcast: What's Brewing in the UK Clean Hydrogen Sector?


Chris Jackson is the Founder and CEO of Protium Green Solutions based in London. Protium is a hydrogen energy services company that designs, develops, finances, owns, and operates clean hydrogen solutions for clients to achieve net zero energy emissions at their industrial/manufacturing sites. Chris will talk to us about the Protium story and also give us some insight into a major project that Protium recently announced in conjunction Budweiser Brewing Group UK&Ireland to explore the deployment of zero emission green hydrogen at Magor brewery in South Wales, one of the largest breweries in the UK. To that end, in order to get the full story about this project, we are delighted to say that we have yet another great guest on this episode. Tom Brewer, who leads Global Environmental Sustainability efforts at AB InBev, the parent company of Budweiser Brewing Group, will join us for the final segment of the show to talk about how hydrogen fits into AB InBev’s vision of a sustainable future for the company.
The podcast can be found on their website

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Countries: United States

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