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How EU Legislation Can Drive an Uptake of Sustainable Advanced Fuels in Aviation


The report calls for a focus on new advanced alternative fuels, in particular synthetic kerosene (efuels), which have the capacity to substantially reduce emissions and be scaled up to meet the fuel demands of the sector.
For aviation to reach zero emissions, sustainable advanced fuels are needed to replace fossil kerosene currently used by the sector. The European Green Deal (EGD) includes a legislative proposal which would bring about a long overdue development and uptake of such fuels for the sector, that legislative proposal is now being developed under the EU’s ReFuelEU initiative. However this initiative will only succeed if its support is limited to those fuels which can truly deliver emission reductions, and which can be scaled up sustainably to meet the demand from the aviation sector. The paper recommends how such objectives can be achieved.
The ReFuelEU proposal should focus on these fuels, with an ambitious programme combining mandates with financial support, so that Europe's aviation sector is put on a pathway to net zero emissions.
Link to document download on Transport & Environment Website

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Countries: Belgium

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