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Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda


The FCH1JU and FCH2JU have proven effective in developing hydrogen technologies to a high Technology Readiness Level (TRL), allowing for large-scale deployment. Yet, there is still an important work to be performed in terms of Research and Innovation in order to develop the next generation of products as well as technologies that did not reach a sufficiently high TRL to envisage a large-scale deployment.

Within the framework of the preparation of the foreseen Clean Hydrogen for Europe (the third public-private partnership, continuation of the FCH2JU), Hydrogen Europe and Hydrogen Europe Research have prepared their Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) which is made of a set of approximately 20 roadmaps. This SRIA represents the view of the private partner and will be used as a basis to develop the Multi Annual Work Plan (MAWP) of the Clean Hydrogen for Europe partnership. The current version (July 2020) is the final draft that has been submitted to the European Commission.

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Countries: European Union

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