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Historical Analysis of FCH 2 JU Stationary Fuel Cell Projects


As a part of its knowledge management activities, the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking 2 (FCH 2 JU) has commissioned the Joint Research Centre (JRC) to perform a series of historical analyses by topic area, to assess the impact of funded projects and the progression of its current Multi-Annual Work Plan (MAWP; 2014- 2020) towards its objectives. These historical analyses consider all relevant funded projects since the programme’s inception in 2008. This report considers the performance of projects against the overall FCH 2 JU programme targets for stationary Fuel Cells (FCs), using quantitative values of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for assessment. The purpose of this exercise is to see whether and how the programme has enhanced the state of the art for stationary fuel cells and to identify potential Research & Innovation (R&I) gaps for the future. Therefore, the report includes a review of the current State of the Art (SoA) of fuel cell technologies used in the stationary applications sector. The programme has defined KPIs for three different power output ranges and equivalent applications: (i) micro-scale Combined Heat and Power (mCHP) for single family homes and small buildings (0.3 - 5 kW); (ii) mid-sized installations for commercial and larger buildings (5 - 400 kW); (iii) large scale FC installations, converting hydrogen and renewable methane into power in various applications (0.4 - 30 MW). Projects addressing stationary applications in these particular power ranges were identified and values for the achieved KPIs extracted from relevant sources of information such as final reports and the TRUST database (Technology Reporting Using Structured Templates). As much of this data is confidential, a broad analysis of performance of the programme against its KPIs has been performed, without disclosing confidential information. The results of this analysis are summarised within this report. The information obtained from this study will be used to suggest future modifications to the research programme and associated targets.

Related subjects: Projects & Initiatives
Countries: Luxembourg

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