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Fly the Green Deal: Europe's Vision for Sustainable Aviation


Europe’s aviation sector continues its resilient and pioneering spirit as it leads the world’s transport system into its new era of great transformation. Surviving the pandemic, it is adapting rapidly to satisfy the rising demand for competitive air mobility services while managing a scarcity of resources and embracing the new challenges of climate change and energy transition. Facilitated by ACARE, the European Commission, its Member States, aviation research organisations, design and manufacturing industries, airlines, airports, and aviation energy and service providers have all joined together to envision a synchronized transformation path that will ensure that Europe can lead the world towards a climate neutral, citizen centric and competitive air mobility system. “Fly the Green Deal” is Europe’s Vision for Sustainable Aviation. It describes the actions and actors necessary towards aviation’s three main strategic goals. It details three time horizons and defines as well the requirement for a proactive and synchronised implementation framework facilitated by the European Commission and EU Member States that includes both the initiating instruments (policies, regulations and incentives) and a system of measuring and impact monitoring to ensure the goals are achieved.

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