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EU Harmonised Terminology for Hydrogen Generated by Electrolysis


The objective of this pre-normative research (PNR) document entitled EU harmonised terminology for hydrogen generated by electrolysis is to present an open and comprehensive compendium of harmonised terminology for electrolysis applications. This report is prepared under the FWC between JRC and FCH2JU as the result of a collaborative effort between European partners from industry, research and development (R&D) organisations and academia participating to FCH2JU funded R&D projects6 in electrolysis applications.7 The commonly accepted definitions of terms may be used in RD&D project documents, test and measurement methods, test procedures and test protocols, scientific publications, and technical documentation. This compendium is primarily intended for use by those involved in conducting RD&D as well as in drafting and evaluating R&I programme. The terms and definitions presented cover many aspects of electrolysis including materials research, modelling, design & engineering, analysis, characterisation, measurements, laboratory testing, prototype development, field tests and demonstration as well as quality assurance (QA). Also, it contains information useful for others, e. g. auditors, manufacturer, designers, system integrators, testing centres, service providers and educators. In future, it may be expanded to account for possible power-to-hydrogen (P2H2) developments in energy storage (ES) particularly electrical energy storage (EES), hydrogen-to-power (H2P), hydrogen-to-industry (H2I) and hydrogen-to-substance (H2X) applications.

Countries: Luxembourg

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