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Study on Hydrogen in Ports and Industrial Coastal Areas - Report 1


The study feeds into the work of the Global Hydrogen Ports Coalition, launched at the latest Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM12). This important international initiative brings together ports from around the world to work together on hydrogen technologies. The planned study will be a comprehensive assessment of the hydrogen demand in ports and industrial coastal areas, enabling the creation of a 'European Hydrogen Ports Roadmap'. It will also feature clear economic forecasts based on a variety of business models for the transition to renewable hydrogen in ports, while presenting new case studies and project concepts. “The objective is to provide new directions for research and innovation, guidance for regulation, codes and standards, and proposals on policy and regulation. The forthcoming study will also help create impetus for stakeholders to come together and take a long term perspective on the hydrogen transition in ports. Finally, the study will be a centralized resource It will form a Europe wide hydrogen ports ' when combined with roadmaps and other materials created by individual ports.

Related subjects: Applications & Pathways
Countries: Belgium

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