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Market Uptake and Impact of Key Green Aviation Technologies


Steer was appointed by the Directorate-General of Research and Innovation (DG RTD) to undertake an overview of key green aviation technologies and conditions for their market uptake. Steer is being supported in delivery by the Institute of Air Transport and Airport Research of the German Aerospace Centre, DLR. The study was undertaken in the context of the Clean Aviation Partnership’s Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) for the period 2030-2050. The objective of the project is to identify the prerequisites for the market entry of climate-neutral aviation technologies as well as the flanking measures required for this to be successful. The scope of the study is hydrogen and electrically powered aircraft in the regional and short/medium range categories, taking a holistic view on the technological development and keeping the economic context in mind. The outcome of the study will serve as guidance for the Commission and other actors with regard to further policy or industry initiatives, such as in the context of Horizon Europe or the Alliance Zero Emission Aviation.

Related subjects: Applications & Pathways
Countries: Belgium

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