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Fuel Cell Codes and Standards Resource


Although hydrogen has been used in industry for decades, its use as a fuel for vehicles or stationary power generation in consumer environments is relatively new. As such, hydrogen and fuel cell codes and standards are in various stages of development. Industry, manufacturers, the government, and other safety experts are working with codes and standards development organizations to prepare, review, and promulgate technically-sound codes and standards for hydrogen and fuel cell technologies and systems.

Codes and standards are being adopted, revised, or developed for vehicles; fuel delivery and storage; fueling, service, and parking facilities; and vehicle fueling interfaces. Codes and standards are also being adopted, revised, or developed for stationary and portable fuel cells and interfaces, as well as hydrogen generators.  A list of current of international codes and standards is available on the Fuel Cells Codes and Standards Resource.

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Funding source: US Department of Energy
Countries: United States

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