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Expansion of Next-Generation Sustainable Clean Hydrogen Energy in South Korea: Domino Explosion Risk Analysis and Preventive Measures Due to Hydrogen Leakage from    Hydrogen Re-Fueling Stations Using Monte Carlo Simulation


Hydrogen, an advanced energy source, is growing quickly in its infrastructure and technological development. Urban areas are constructing convergence-type hydrogen refilling stations utilizing existing gas stations to ensure economic viability. However, it is essential to conduct a risk analysis as hydrogen has a broad range for combustion and possesses significant explosive capabilities, potentially leading to a domino explosion in the most severe circumstances. This study employed quantitative risk assessment to evaluate the range of damage effects of single and domino explosions. The PHAST program was utilized to generate quantitative data on the impacts of fires and explosions in the event of a single explosion, with notable effects from explosions. Monte Carlo simulations were utilized to forecast a domino explosion, aiming to predict uncertain events by reflecting the outcome of a single explosion. Monte Carlo simulations indicate a 69% chance of a domino explosion happening at a hydrogen refueling station if multi-layer safety devices fail, resulting in damage estimated to be three times greater than a single explosion

Related subjects: Safety
Countries: Korea, Republic of

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