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Fire Prevention Technical Rule for Gaseous Hydrogen Refuelling Stations


In the last years different Italian hydrogen projects provided for gaseous hydrogen motor vehicles refuelling stations. Motivated by the lack of suitable set of rules, in the year 2002 Italian National Firecorps (Institute under the Italian Ministry of the Interior) formed an Ad Hoc Working Group asked to regulate the above-said stations as regards fire prevention and protection safety. This Working Group consists of members coming from both Firecorps and academic world (Pisa University). Throughout his work, this Group produced a technical rule covering the fire prevention requirements for design, construction and operation of gaseous hydrogen refuelling stations. This document has been approved by the Ministry’s Technical Scientific Central Committee for fire prevention (C.C.T.S.) and now it has to carry out the “Community procedure for the provision of information”. This paper describes the main safety contents of the technical rule.

Related subjects: Safety
Countries: Italy

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Fire Prevention Technical Rule for Gaseous Hydrogen Refuelling Stations

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