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Hydrogen Energy: a New Dimension for the Energy Cooperation in the Northeast Asian Region


The Northeast Asian Region is a home for the major world’s energy importers and Russia – the top energy exporter. Due to the depletion of national fossil energy resources, the industrialised East Asian economies are facing serious energy security issues. The snapshot of the intraregional energy trade in 2019 was analysed in terms of development potential. Japan, Korea and China are at the frontline of hydrogen energy technologies commercialisation and hydrogen energy infrastructure development. The drivers for such endeavours are listed and national institutions for hydrogen energy development are characterised. The priorities related to regional cooperation on hydrogen energy in Northeast Asia were derived on the basis of hydrogen production cost estimations. These priorities include steady development of international natural gas and power infrastructure. The shared process will lead to the synergy of regional fossil and renewable resources within combined power and hydrogen infrastructure.

Related subjects: Policy & Socio-Economics
Countries: Russian Federation

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