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Fire Prevention Technical Rule for Gaseous Hydrogen Transport in Pipelines


This paper presents the current results of the theoretical and experimental activity carried out by the Italian Working Group on the fire prevention safety issues in the field of the hydrogen transport in pipelines. From the theoretical point of view a draft document has been produced beginning from the regulations in force on the natural gas pipelines; these have been reviewed, corrected and integrated with the instructions suitable to the use with hydrogen gas. From the experimental point of view a suitable apparatus has been designed and installed at the University of Pisa; this apparatus will allow the simulation of hydrogen releases from a pipeline with or without ignition of the hydrogen-air mixture. The experimental data will help the completion of the above-mentioned draft document with the instructions about the safety distances. However, in the opinion of the Group, the work on the text contents is concluded and the document is ready to be discussed with the Italian stakeholders involved in the hydrogen applications.

Related subjects: Safety
Countries: Italy

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Fire Prevention Technical Rule for Gaseous Hydrogen Transport in Pipelines Presentation

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