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Guidelines for Fire Corps Standard Operating Procedures in the Event of Hydrogen Releases


This paper presents a study on the Standard Operating Procedures (P.O.S.s) for the operation of the Fire Corps squads in the event of accidents with a hydrogen release, fire or explosion. This study has been carried out by the Italian Working Group on the fire prevention safety issues as one of its main objectives. The Standard Operating Procedures proved to be a basic tool in order to improve the effectiveness of the Fire Corps rescue activity. The unique physical and chemical properties of the hydrogen, its use without odorization and its almost invisible flame require a review of the already codified approaches to the rescue operations where conventional gases are involved. However, this is only the first step; a Standard Operating Procedure puts together both the theoretical and practical experience achieved on the management of the rescue operations; therefore its arrangement is a cyclic process by nature, always under continuous revision, updating and improvement.

Related subjects: Safety
Countries: Italy

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Guidelines for Fire Corps Standard Operating Procedures in the event of Hydrogen Releases- Presentation

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