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Explosion Hazard of Hydrogen-Air Mixtures in the Large Volumes


The report deals with the investigation of non-stationary combustion of hydrogen-air mixtures extremely relevant to the issues of safety. Considered are the conditions of its formation and development in the tubes, in the conic element and in the spherical 12-m diameter chamber. The report shows that at the formation of non-stationary combustion in the conic element, in its top the pressure can develop exceeding 1000 atmospheres. It is also shown that in large closed volumes non-stationary combustion can develop from a small energy source, in contrast to detonation for whose stimulation in large volumes significant power influences are required. Simultaneously, in the volume a pressure can be formed by far exceeding the Chapman-Jouguet pressure in the front of stationary detonation.

Related subjects: Safety
Countries: Russian Federation

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Explosion Hazard of Hydrogen-Air Mixtures in the Large Volumes

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