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Why Ultrasonic Gas Leak Detection?


Technologies that have traditionally been used in fixed installations to detect hydrogen gas leaks, such as Catalytic and Electrochemical Point Sensors have one limitation: in order for a leak to be detected, the gas itself must either be in close proximity to the detector or within a pre-defined area. Unfortunately, outdoor environmental conditions such as changing wind directions and quick dispersion of the gas cloud from a leaking outdoor installation often cause that traditional gas detection systems may not alert to the presence of gas simply because the gas never reaches the detector. These traditional gas detection systems need to wait for the gas to form a vapor cloud, which may or may not ignite, and which may or may not allow loss prevention by enabling shutting down the gas facility in time. Ultrasonic Gas Leak Detectors (UGLD) respond at the speed of sound at gas leak initiation, unaffected by changing wind directions and dilution of the gas. Ultrasonic Gas Leak Detectors are based on robust microphone technology; they detect outdoor leaks by sensing the distinct high frequency ultrasound emitted by all high pressure gas leaks. With the ultrasonic sensing technology, leaking gas itself does not have to reach the sensor – just the sound of the gas leaking. By adding Ultrasonic Gas Leak Detectors for Hydrogen leak detection faster response times and lower operation costs can be obtained.

Related subjects: Safety
Countries: Italy ; Poland

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