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Material-based Hydrogen Storage Projection


Massive consumption of fossil fuel leads to shortage problems as well as various global environmental issues. Due to the global climatic problem in the world, techniques to supply energy demand change from conventional methods that use fossil fuel as the energy source to clean and renewable sources such as solar and wind. However, these renewable energy sources are not permanent. Energy storage methods can ensure to supply the energy demand in need if the energy is stored when the renewable source is available. Hydrogen is considered a promising alternative feedstock owing to has unique properties such as clean energy, high energy density, absence of toxic materials, and carbon-free nature. Hydrogen is used main fuel source in fuel cells and hydrogen can be produced with various methods such as wind or electrolysis of water systems that supply electricity from renewable sources. However, the safe, effective, and economical storage of hydrogen is still a challenge that limits the spread of the usage of hydrogen energy. High pressed hydrogen gas and cryogenic hydrogen liquid are two applied storage pathways although they do not meet the above-mentioned requirement. To overcome these drawbacks, materials-based hydrogen storage materials have been mostly investigated research field, recently. The aim of the study is that exhibiting various material-based hydrogen storage systems and development of these techniques worldwide. Additionally, past and current status of the technology are explained and future perspective is discussed.

Countries: Turkey

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