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Evaluating the Opportunity to Repurpose Gas Transmission Assets for Hydrogen Transportation


The UK National Transmission System (NTS) is a key enabler to decarbonise the gas network in Great Britain (GB) in order to meet the UK government’s target of net-zero emissions by 2050. FutureGrid is National Grid’s research programme assessing the capability of the transmission system to transport hydrogen. Our goal is to accelerate the decarbonisation of power, industry and heat by delivering a safe supply of energy to all customers both during, and after, the energy transition. FutureGrid will lead to a better understanding of what the technical parameters are around the ultimate role of the NTS in the energy system, and how the transition can be managed. Under FutureGrid, National Grid will construct a NTS hydrogen test facility at DNV’s Spadeadam testing and research site. NTS assets, due to be decommissioned in early RIIO2, will be reconstructed to create a test network that can be used to answer some of the fundamental questions around safety and operation of a converted network. Flows of hydrogen/natural gas blends, including 100% hydrogen, will be tested for the first time in GB at transmission pressures. This system will connect to the existing H21 distribution network test facility at Spadeadam to prove a complete beach-to-meter network can be decarbonised, to develop a comprehensive programme for the hydrogen transition. The project will provide a transmission facility which is a key enabler for more advanced hydrogen testing on industrial equipment such as hydrogen separation technology, hydrogen compressors and/or purification of hydrogen for transport. Our paper will detail the current position and aims of the project.

Countries: United Kingdom

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