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Full-scale Tunnel Experiments for Fuel Cell Hydrogen Vehicles: Jat Fire and Explosions


In the framework of the HYTUNNEL-CS European project sponsored by FCH-JU, a set of preliminary tests were conducted in a real tunnel in France. These tests are devoted to safety of hydrogen-fueled vehicles having a compressed gas storage and Temperature Pressure Release Device (TPRD). The goal of the study is to develop recommendations for Regulations, Codes and Standards (RCS) for inherently safer use of hydrogen vehicles in enclosed transportation systems. Two scenarios were investigated, (a) jet fire evolution following the activation of TPRD due to conventional fuel car fire, and (b) explosion of compressed hydrogen tank. The obtained experimental data are systematically compared to existing engineering correlations. The results will be used for benchmarking studies using CFD codes. The hydrogen pressure range in these preliminary tests has been lowered down to 20MPa in order to verify the capability of various large-scale measurement techniques before scaling up to 70 MPa, the subject of the second experimental campaign.

Related subjects: Safety
Countries: France

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