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Influence of Temperature on the Fatigue Strength of Compressed Hydrogen Tanks for Vehicles


The influence of environmental temperatures on the fatigue strength of compressed-hydrogen tanks for vehicles was investigated. The fatigue strength of Type-3 tanks was found to decrease in a low temperature environment and increase in a high-temperature environment. The Type-3 tank has been subjected to autofrettage to improve fatigue strength. The investigation clarified that the effect of autofrettage changes according to the environmental temperature due to the difference between the coefficients of thermal expansion of carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) and aluminum alloy. This causes life strength to change with changes in temperature. These results indicate that the service life of the Type-3 tank is influenced by the environmental temperature. The Type-4 tank has a very long fatigue life and did not break after 45,000 cycles in a room-temperature or low-temperature environment. In a high-temperature environment, however, the tank broke in fewer than 45,000 cycles. The fatigue of CFRP was promoted in the high-temperature environment, resulting in breakage of the tank.

Countries: Japan

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