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Experimental Study of Hydrogen Releases Combustion


The objectives of the presented experimental work were investigation of hydrogen release distribution and combustion, modelling possible emergency situation at industry scale. Results of large scale experiments on distribution and combustion in an open and congested area are presented. The mass of hydrogen in experiments varied from 50g to 1000g with release rate from 180 to 220 g/s. Qualitative characteristics of high momentum hydrogen jet releases distribution and subsequent combustion were obtained. It is shown that obstacles slow down jet speed, promote combustible mixture formation in a large volume and accelerate combustion process. The maximum overpressure in experiments with additional congested area reached ΔР = 0.4 atm. Using partial confinement of congested area turbulent combustion regime with the maximum overpressure more than 10 atm. was obtained.

Related subjects: Safety
Countries: Russian Federation

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