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Experiments on the Distribution of Concentration Due to Buoyant Gas Low Flow Rate Release in an Enclosure.


Hydrogen energy based vehicles or power generators are expected to come into widespread use in the near future. Safety information is of major importance to support the successful public acceptance of hydrogen as an energy carrier. One of the most important issues in terms of safety is the use of such system in closed area such as a private garage in which a fuel cell car may be parked. This kind of situation leads to the fundamental problem of the dispersion of hydrogen due to a simple vertical source in an enclosure. Many numerical and experimental studies have already been conducted on this problem showing the formation of a stably stratified distribution of concentration. Most of them consider the cases of accidental situation in which the flow rate is relatively important (of the order of 10Nl/min to 100Nl/min). We present a set of experiments conducted on a full scale facility of the size of a typical private garage with helium as a model gas for hydrogen. In this study we focus on the low flow rates that can be characteristic of chronic leaks that may not be detected by security devices of the system (of the order of 0.1Nl/min to 10Nl/min). The facility allows changing natural ventilation conditions and experiments have been conducted from the tightest which is less than 0.01ACH, to that typical of a real garage, say, of the order of 0.1ACH.

Related subjects: Safety
Countries: France

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