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Experimental Study of Ignited Unsteady Hydrogen Jets into Air


In order to simulate an accidental hydrogen release from the low pressure pipe system of a hydrogen vehicle a systematic study on the nature of transient hydrogen jets into air and their combustion behaviour was performed at the FZK hydrogen test site HYKA. Horizontal unsteady hydrogen jets with an amount of hydrogen up to 60 STP dm3 and initial pressures of 5 and 16 bar have been investigated. The hydrogen jets were ignited with different ignition times and positions. The experiments provide new experimental data on pressure loads and heat releases resulting from the deflagration of hydrogen-air clouds formed by unsteady turbulent hydrogen jets released into a free environment. It is shown that the maximum pressure loads occur for ignition in a narrow position and time window. The possible hazard potential arising from an ignited free transient hydrogen jet is described.

Related subjects: Safety
Countries: Germany

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