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Low Energy Hydrogen Sensor


A new silicon-based hydrogen sensor for measurements at high concentrations near the lower flammable limit of hydrogen (40,000 ppm) is presented. Due to operation at room temperature the power consumption of the sensor is smaller than that of other sensors on the market by several orders magnitude. Further development of the sensor system could lead to battery powered or even energy-independent operation. As sensor fabrication is based on semiconductor technology, low-cost production can be achieved for the mass market. The sensor investigated showed good long-term stability combined with a fast response on the basis of cyclic thermal activations. This was demonstrated by a stress test that simulated the activation and measurement cycles experienced by the sensor in one year. Finite element method was used to further reduce the power consumption of the thermal activation. This resulted in an average power consumption of 2 × 10−6 W for the sensor activation.

Related subjects: Safety
Countries: Germany

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Low energy hydrogen sensor

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