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Dispersion and Burning Behavior of Hydrogen Released in a Full-scale Residential Garage in the Presence and Absence of Conventional Automobiles


Experiments are described in which hydrogen was released at the center of the floor of a real-scale enclosure having dimensions of a typical two-car residential garage. Real-time hydrogen concentrations were monitored at a number of locations. The hydrogen/air mixtures were ignited at pre-determined local volume fractions ranging from 8% to 29%. The combustion behavior and structural effects were monitored using combinations of high-speed pressure transducers and ionization gauges, standard thermocouples, hydrogen sensors, and digital, infrared, and high-speed video cameras. Experiments were performed both for empty garages and garages with conventional automobiles parked above the hydrogen release location.

Related subjects: Safety
Countries: United States

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Dispersion and burning behaviour of hydrogen released in a full-scale residential garage in the presence and absence of conventional automobiles

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