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The Correlation Method to Analyze the Gas Mixing Process On The Basis Of BOS Method


Structures formed during gas mixing following an injection of a gas into atmosphere are analyzed using optic methods based on the detection of density non-uniformities. Methods for determination of fractal parameters for a random distribution of these non-uniformities are described, and information revealed on the gas mixing structure is analyzed. The BOS (background oriented schlieren) technique is utilized to obtain the optical image of the forming structures, which afterward is processed using the correlation procedure, allowing to extract the quantitative information on the mixing. Additionally, a possibility to link the characteristics of the injected gas source and the system fractal parameters was demonstrated. The method can be used in the development of the non-contact methods for the evaluation of the gaseous system parameters based on the optical diagnostics and, potentially, for the obtaining more detailed information of the gaseous turbulence.

Related subjects: Safety
Countries: Germany

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