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Influence of the Location of a Buoyant Gas Release in Several Configurations Varying the Height of the Release and the Geometry of the Enclosure


The present work proposes a parametric study on the influence of the height of the release source on the helium dispersion regimes inside a naturally ventilated enclosure. Several configurations were experimentally addressed in order to improve knowledge on dispersion considering conditions close to hydrogen energy systems in terms of operating characteristics and design. Thus the varying parameters of the study were mainly the height of the release, and also the releasing flow rate, the volume and the geometry of the enclosure. Experimental results were compared to existing analytical models and considered through model improvements allowing a better approach of these specific cases for hydrogen systems risk assessment.

Related subjects: Safety
Countries: France

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Influence of the location of a buoyant gas release in several configurations varying the height of the release and the geometry of the enclosure

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