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Trends in Gas Sensor Development for Hydrogen Safety


Gas sensors are applied for facilitating the safe use of hydrogen in, for example, fuel cell and hydrogen fuelled vehicles. New sensor developments, aimed at meeting the increasingly stringent performance requirements in emerging applications are presented based on in-house technical developments and a literature study. The strategy of combining different detection principles, i.e. sensors based on electrochemical cells, semiconductors or field effects in combination with thermal conductivity sensor or catalytic combustion elements, in one new measuring system is reported. This extends the dynamic measuring range of the sensor while improving sensor reliability to achieve higher safety integrity through diverse redundancy. The application of new nanoscaled materials, nano wires, carbon tubes and graphene as well as the improvements in electronic components of field-effect, resistive-type and optical systems are evaluated in view of key operating parameters such as sensor response time, low energy consumption and low working temperature.

Related subjects: Safety
Countries: Germany ; Italy ; Netherlands

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Trends in gas sensor development for hydrogen safety

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