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An Inter-comparison Exercise on Engineering Models Capabilities to Simulate Hydrogen Vented Explosions


A benchmark exercise on vented explosion engineering model was carried out against the maximum overpressures (one or two peaks) of published experiments. The models evaluated are Bauwens et al. (2012-1 and 2012-2) [4, 7] models, Molkov Vent Sizing Technology 1999, 2001 and 2008 models [12, 13, 6]. The experiments in consideration are Pasman et al. experiments (1974) (30% H2 - 1m3) [1], Bauwens et al. (2012) experiments (64m3) [4], Daubech et al. (2011) experiments (10 to 30% H2 - 1 and 10 m3) [2] and Daubech et al. (2013) [5] experiments (4 m3 – H2 10 to 30%). On this basis, recommendations and limits of use of these models are proposed.

Related subjects: Safety
Countries: France

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