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First Responder Training Supporting Commercialization of Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies


A properly trained first responder community is critical to the successful introduction of hydrogen fuel cell applications and their transformation in how we use energy. Providing resources with accurate information and current knowledge is essential to the delivery of effective hydrogen and fuel cell-related first responder training. The California Fuel Cell Partnership and the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory have over 15 years of experience in developing and delivering hydrogen safety-related first responder training materials and programs. A National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Emergency Response Training Resource was recently released. This training resource serves the delivery of a variety of training regimens. Associated materials are adaptable for different training formats, ranging from high-level overview presentations to more comprehensive classroom training. This paper presents what has been learned from the development and delivery of hydrogen safety-related first responder training programs (online, classroom, hands-on) by the respective organizations. The collaborative strategy being developed for enhancing training materials and methods for greater accessibility based on stakeholder input will be discussed.

Related subjects: Safety
Countries: United States

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First responder training supporting commercialization of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies

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