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Turbulent Flame Propagation in Large Unconfined H2/O2/N2 Clouds


Turbulence is a key aspect in hydrogen explosions. Unfortunately, only limited experimental data is available and the current understanding of flame turbulence interactions is too limited to permit safe predictions. New experimental data are presented in which the flame trajectory and pressure history are interpreted for unconfined explosions of H2/O2/N2 clouds of 7 m3. The intensity of the turbulence is varied between 0 and 5 m/s and the integral scale of the turbulence is on the order of 10 cm which is at least an order of magnitude larger than lab scale.

Keywords: Explosion ; Flames ; Safety ; Turbulence
Related subjects: Safety
Countries: France

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Turbulent flame propagation in large unconfined H2,O2,N2 clouds

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