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An Analysis of the Experiments Carried Out by HSL in the HyIndoor European Project Studying Accumulation of Hydrogen Released into a Semi-confined Enclosure


Experimental work on hydrogen releases consequences in a 31-m3 semi-confined enclosure was performed in the framework of the collaborative European Hyindoor project. Natural ventilation effectiveness on hydrogen build-up limitation in a confined area was studied for several configurations of ventilation openings and of release conditions, in real environmental conditions [1]; influence of wind on gas build-up was observed as well. This paper proposes a critical analysis of these experiments carried out by HSL and compares results with analytical approaches available in open scientific literature. The validity of these models in presence of wind was broached.

Related subjects: Safety
Countries: France

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An analysis of the experiments carried out by HSL in the HyIndoor European project studying accumulation of hydrogen released into a semi-confined enclosure

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