Analysis of acoustic pressure oscillation during vented deflagration


Explosion relief panels or doors are often used in industrial buildings to reduce damages caused by a gas explosion. Decades of research produced a significant contribution to the understanding of the phenomena involved. Among the aspects that need further research, interactions between acoustic oscillations and the flame front is one of the most important. Interactions between the flame front and acoustic oscillations has raised technical problems in lots of combustion applications as well and has been studied theoretically and experimentally in such cases. Pressure oscillations have been observed in vented deflagrations and in certain cases they are responsible for the highest pressure peak generated during the event. At Scalbatraio laboratory of Pisa University a test facility (CVE) was built in order to investigate vented hydrogen deflagrations. This paper presents an overview of the results obtained during several experimental campaigns. The tests are analysed with the focus on the investigation of flame acoustic interaction phenomena. Qualitative and quantitative analysis is presented and the generated possible physical phenomena are investigated.

Related subjects: Safety
Countries: Italy

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Analysis of acoustic pressure oscillation during vented deflagration

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