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Continuous Codes and Standards Improvement (CCSI)


As of 2014, the majority of the Codes and Standards required to initially deploy hydrogen technologies infrastructure in the US have been promulgated1. These codes and standards will be field tested through their application to actual hydrogen technologies projects. CCSI is process of identifying code issues that arise during project deployment and then develop codes solutions to these issues. These solutions would typically be proposed amendments to codes and standards. The process is continuous because of technology and the state of safety knowledge develops there will be a need for monitoring the application of codes and standards and improving them based on information gathered during their application. This paper will discuss code issues that have surfaced through hydrogen technologies infrastructure project deployment and potential code changes that would address these issues. The issues that this paper will address include:

  • Setback distances for bulk hydrogen storage
  • Code mandated hazard analyses
  • Sensor placement and communication
  • The use of approved equipment
  • System monitoring and maintenance requirements

Related subjects: Safety
Countries: United States

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Continuous codes and standards improvement (CCSI)

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